Wachusett Dam & Reservoir

Hidden Hydraulics at the Dam

Pool and Fountain

This part of the series addresses the flow of water after it leaves the Lower Gate House and makes its way downstream through the pool and fountain before passing the crest of the overflow weir and entering the river (millpond) below.

Please note that the text, all taken directly from the Chief Engineer’s Annual Reports of the period, has been augmented with carefully cropped and colorized photographs of the actual construction.

I felt that original words of Chief Engineer Frederick P. Stearns, elegant in their direct simplicity, could not be much improved. 

Credit goes to the various photographers as well for capturing such a great wealth of detail.

Be sure to have a look at the Engineers’ Corner at the end of the report..



Overview of the underground system of conduits and Inner Pool

Take a tour through the channels beneath the Inner Pool

Don’t forget your Scuba gear.

Pool Geometry

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