West Boylston – Holbrook and Lower Prospect Streets

“Hello Everyone, 

My name is James Stolarczyk, and I am a junior at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) studying mechanical engineering. Over the last few months, I was given the privilege to participate in this compelling, historical project about the Lost Villages of West Boylston. This was a topic I knew very little about, so it was an exciting experience getting to build my knowledge on such a discrete yet interesting topic.

Being a mechanical engineering undergraduate, the design elements of this project really excited me. I enjoyed the chance to further develop my technical skills and learn a new program. Additionally, history is a personal interest of mine but is typically not the focus of my curriculum, so it was great to have a 7-week period to focus on local history.

The project team, along with Professor Marrone, are really satisfied with the outcome of our hard work and we hope the town of West Boylston and its residents are as well. It was rewarding to work on a project that could mean so much to a local community. I hope you enjoy it!”

James Stolarczyk
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Mechanical Engineering-Class of 2022

The area at Prospect Street, where it met Holbrook Street, was a commercial zone that grew with the arrival of railroad (B&M) in 1868. Below that point it became a residential zone and followed the alignment of the modern power transmission lines across the reservoir to the Lower Village and the station house of the Central Massachusetts Railroad (CMRR).

West Boylston- South Boylston Station and Lower Prospect Street Area

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