Wachusett Dam & Reservoir


Domenic Santangelo

A human interest story and the reason we do this research.

In my studies of the labor situation at the Dam I was reading a 1989 article written by historian Jill Lepore titled “Resistance Reform and Repression Italian Immigrant Laborers in Clinton MA 1896-1906”.

In Footnote #54 she references an interview she conducted with the living daughter of Domenic Santangelo, a worker at the Wachusett Dam in Clinton, Helen Santangelo Kerrigan.

Upon recognizing that family name (Santangelo) I immediately forwarded the note to my classmate Will Kerrigan whose mother was the person interviewed.

That knowledge, after all this time, has brought great joy to Will who had gotten but little detail from his mother while she was living. 

It is with his permission that this email string of our conversation is attached



Spotter directing a derrick operator.



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