Wachusett Dam & Reservoir

Scar Bridge

Sonar Image, AUSS, Ltd; Provided by J Gregoire

The Bridge Over Scar Hill Road

This bridge is one of several in the Wachusett Reservoir abandoned in place when it was filled with water. It once provided a river crossing for traffic on the the main road between Boylston and West Boylston. Today, Scar Hill Road terminates at the waters edge just past Gate 14 but this bridge remains standing about 700 feet offshore in about ninety feet of water. Immediately adjacent to the bridge was Albertson’s saw mill powered by the former Dover Pond which was artificially built for that purpose.

Interesting sidebar:

Back then a controversy arose which might have had a huge impact on the appearance of the Wachusett Reservoir as we know it today and would have split the reservoir in two.

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