The West Boylston Arch

By utilizing the natural granite formation at the north end of the causeway, extensive foundation work was avoided. The granite also afforded structural support for the heavy structure.

Annual Report of the Chief Engineer (1904)

An important feature of the work of the past year has been the building of the embankment across the upper end of the reservoir in West Boylston in continuation of Worcester Street. This embankment has in places a height of 64 feet, and a width of 43 feet at the top and 300 feet at the bottom. 

Instead of building a masonry bridge with its abutments at the original channel of the river, it was determined to divert the river to the northerly side of the reservoir and to excavate a channel through the rock ledge, and by this means the larger part of the work of building abutments was avoided. 

A granite bridge has been extended across this channel, having a span of 47.5 feet, the top of the span being at a height of 60 feet above the bed of the channel. The sides of the embankment have been covered with paving. 

This work has been completed, and the road across the reservoir has been opened to public travel.

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