What Lies Beneath

Welcome to What Lies Beneath, a new series of 3d video models which attempt to convey an idea of the appearance of the valley before the coming of the Reservoir

The pilot video shows the valley floor in Boylston, following Scar Hill Road from Pine Grove Cemetery to Dover Pond, crossing the valley floor to Potter’s Crossing and rising on the opposite shore to its junction with East Main Street near the West Boylston line. 


The route passes by Albertson’s Sawmill, Scar Hill Road Bridge (still standing beneath the surface) and the group of buildings near Julia D. Pratt’s house before turning north to Boylston Station and Sawyer’s Mills, continuing on from there to South Clinton Station and Hastings Cove to  its end.


For most of the trip, the view is from ground level, rising above the surface only occasionally to help keep perspective. It might be helpful to imagine the reservoir as a valley full of water rather than a lake.


Future articles in this series will include a similar trip, or trips, through the West Boylston villages, Oakdale, Sterling and eventually the dam site in Clinton.

I hope you like it.



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