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June 20, 2022

Wachusett Dam & Reservoir

The Viaduct

(Updated June 20, 2022)

The Nashua River Valley contained an important commuter rail line running between Barre and Cambridge, through Boylston and the several villages of West Boylston, and it could not just be discontinued. It had to relocated, without interruption, around the new dam and reservoir. An important feature of this operation was the construction of a steel viaduct, 100 feet high and 1,000 feet long, across the Nashua River a bit downstream of the great dam

This study explains exactly how that task was accomplished. Be sure read the Engineers’ Corner at the end of the article for more details in the Chief Engineer Frederick P. Stearns’ own words.




May 23, 2022

Wachusett Dam & Reservoir

Clinton Catholic Cemetery

The Roman Catholic Cemetery of the Irish community in Clinton stood so close to the proposed shore line of the new Reservoir that parts of it would be submerged. In fact, today its former location is in such shallow water (only about ten feet) that it can be seen through the water on Google Earth.

In the end the entire property was purchased from the Archbishop in Springfield (who drove a very hard bargain indeed).

It was the task of the engineers to effect the movement of over three thousand bodies quickly, efficiently and with as much dignity and sensitivity as possible to the new location in Lancaster, a few miles to the north.

This story is told quoting the Chief Engineer Frederick P. Stearns from his own words in his Annual Reports to the Metropolitan Water Board.

Today the site of the cemetery can be seen from the North Dike walking path just offshore at the north end of Cemetery Island.




Habeas Corpus?

Be sure to have a look at the Bishop’s “hard bargain” at the end

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