The Flagg Family

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The Ball Family

Wachusett Dam and Reservoir The Ball Family                Interactive Model:  The Ball Family Click Here… Previous Next George W. Ball House and Barn Barn and House – Railroad to the right, Sawyer’s Mills in background Lydia Ball’s House and Barn Lydia Ball’s House Return… Post Views: 159

The Houses of Julia D. Pratt

Wachusett Dam & Reservoir The Houses of Julia D. Pratt Julia D. Pratt operated a substantial poultry farm located on East Main Street where it met Scar Hill Road rising  from the valley below (near the West Boylston town line).  Today, the reservoir shoreline divides the property leaving the main poultry shed and the… Continue reading The Houses of Julia D. Pratt

The Icehouses 1897

Wachusett Dam and Reservoir The Icehouses The Icehouses In those days, there was a great demand for ice in warm weather to preserve meat and dairy products, cool drinks and, of course, to have ice cream. Collecting ice in winter and keep it year round, businesses and homeowners developed ingenious methods for collecting and… Continue reading The Icehouses 1897

The Camps

Wachusett Dam and Reservoir The Italian Camps This huge project would require workers, skilled and unskilled, by the thousands. Workers and laborers came from around the country for the opportunity to work A large contingent of single men arrived from Italy to take up temporary residence in rough camps. The contractors provided them a military… Continue reading The Camps