Houses Under the Dam

Wachusett Dam & Reservoir Houses Under the Dam One of the many little mysteries and unanswered questions that keep turning up in the study the archives is this one. Why, right in the middle of a vast construction project, should there have been two largely undisturbed houses left in place…on the upstream side of… Continue reading Houses Under the Dam

The Biggest Boulder

Wachusett Dam &Reservoir The Biggest Boulder The site chosen for the location of the Wachusett Dam was across a narrow gorge lying between two hills, with the Nashua River running between them in Clinton. It was required that the millpond there be drained and the riverbed soils be excavated to bedrock all the way… Continue reading The Biggest Boulder


Wachusett Dam & Reservoir Coal at the Dam Before the introduction of gasoline and the internal combustion engine (and proper roads) the movement of goods and people was implemented by steam. All that was required was the fusion of two basic elements…fire and water. Steam engines use the force produced by steam pressure to… Continue reading Coal