How They Stopped The River

Coffer Dam and Aqueduct Connection They didn’t actually stop the river, of course, but they did divert the flow to a side bank to permit the deep excavation that would be required to expose the bedrock some sixty feet below the riverbed.  The River in the Box A wooden flume would carry the river… Continue reading How They Stopped The River

West Boylston Manufacturing Company

West Boylston Upper Village (Oakdale) The West Boylston Manufacturing Company View from Oakdale, from May Street area, across the millpond   View from Pleasant Street, above the milldam     View from North Main Street, looking toward Oakdale. The channel is the whole Stillwater River which joins with the Quinapoxet River about a quarter… Continue reading West Boylston Manufacturing Company

West Boylston Arch

The West Boylston Arch By utilizing the natural granite formation at the north end of the causeway, extensive foundation work was avoided. The granite also afforded structural support for the heavy structure. … … Previous Next Annual Report of the Chief Engineer (1904) An important feature of the work of the past year has… Continue reading West Boylston Arch


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