UFOs (??) Over the Dam

Wachusett Dam & Reservoir beforetherewasadam.com UFOs (??) Spotted Over The Dam I happened to be visiting the Wachusett Dam one sunny day and saw this mysterious object flying overhead. That’s my dog, Max, doing the barking. See the video below to unravel the mystery. Thanks, Paul Marquee… Menu… Post Views: 203

John F. Philbin’s “mutilated” building

Wachusett Dam & Reservoir beforetherewasaadam.com John F. Philbin’s “mutilated” Building In anticipation of the new Wachusett Dam & Reservoir project, Boylston Street would replace the soon to be discontinued River Street as the main road to Boylston. The road, which passed between John F. Philbin’s house and barn, was to be upgraded and widened to… Continue reading John F. Philbin’s “mutilated” building