Women of the Valley

Wachusett Dam and Reservoir Women of the Valley In my studies of the Wachusett Dam & Reservoir I noticed that, at the time of the construction, a number of large properties with large businesses on them were held in single ownership by women. Some may have been married, some may have inherited and some may… Continue reading Women of the Valley

Persis Andrews

Wachusett Dam and Reservoir Persis Andrews Previous image Next image Persis Andrews – House and Barn Return… Post Views: 151

George Murrman

Wachusett  Dam & Reservoir George Murrman Previous image Next image George Murrman – House and Barn Return.. Post Views: 138

The Hastings Family

Wachusett Dam and Reservoir The Hastings Family Previous image Next image Henry Hastings – Barns Calvin Hastings – Carriage Painter Return.. Post Views: 142