Coach & Sandy

Wachusett Dam & Reservoir What Lies Beneath Coach & Sandy The Causeway between Coachlace Pond (foreground) and Sandy Pond (Facing south, between the two schools today) Looking west across Sandy Pond from the Causeway (The Roman Catholic Cemetery and South Meadow Road is off to the right.) The coming of the Wachusett Reservoir to southwest… Continue reading Coach & Sandy

Channel Velocity Control

Hidden Hydraulics at the Dam Channel Velocity Controls It is true…the dam and its reservoir are a big project and they sometimes produce big problems which require specially engineered solutions. The prodigious amounts of water collected, often more than the reservoir can hold, is released over the weir at the upper end of the waste… Continue reading Channel Velocity Control

Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida at the Waste Channel (Spillway) September 2021 All, This area experienced some pretty heavy rains from the recent Hurricane Ida, so I hiked the spillway to see first hand to what heights the discharge reached. It did not disappoint, not only was the water deeper in the channel but it was moving a… Continue reading Hurricane Ida

Susan M. Cutting

Susan M. Cutting Susan M. Cutting House, front Susan M. Cutting Barn (32 feet by 40 feet) Town stone bound next to the barn… …the barn is gone but the stone bound is still there Return… Home Page…

Charles Lougee

Charles Lougee George L. Lougee’s House (front) Lougee (front) Lougee Barn 36 feet by 80 feet Return… Home Page…

Charles T. Love

Charles T. Love Charles T. Love house on Chase Hill Road Love house, end Love house, rear The closer you look, the more you see Charles T. Love House and Barn Return… Home Page…