Wachusett Aqueduct

Wachusett Dam & Reservoir Wachusett Dam & Aqueduct The Metropolitan Water Act  of 1895 Aqueduct route – Wachusett Reservoir to Sudbury Reservoir https://vimeo.com/823216232?share=copy Wachusett Aqueduct – Clinton to Southborough Time was of the Essence It is anticipated that the Nashua-Sudbury Aqueduct will be completed and one main pipe line laid to the Mystic system and… Continue reading Wachusett Aqueduct

Wachusett Aqueduct – Assabet Bridge

Wachuset Dam & Reservoir The Assabet Bridge Section 8 East bank, looking west Section 8   Assabet Bridge   In the third leg of the journey the water through the Wachusett Aqueduct encountered an obstacle. Its crossing over a millpond on the Assabet River near Allen Street in Northborough necessitated the construction of a high arched… Continue reading Wachusett Aqueduct – Assabet Bridge

The Carpenters

Wachusett Dam & Reservoir beforetherewasadam.com The Carpenters It has been said, and it is plainly evident, that the construction of the Wachusett Dam was primarily a massive masonry job. Much credit also is often given to the lowly shovel men, both local and immigrant, and the horse. Overlooked perhaps are the multiple other specialized trades. … Continue reading The Carpenters

Construction Site Management

Wachusett Dam & Reservoir beforetherewasadam.com Construction Site Management Wachusett Dam, looking southerly, downstream side, Clinton, Mass., Nov. 11, 1902 “Every picture tells a story”, so the saying goes, and this one is not any different. It’s one of my favorites because it shows nearly all of the major activities used by the contractor to construct… Continue reading Construction Site Management

The Compressors

Wachusett Dam & Reservoir beforetherewasadam.com The Compressors The main contract for the construction of the Wachusett Dam was made on October 1, 1900 with the McArthur Brothers Company of Chicago, IL. This work would require that large quantities of rock blasted from a remote quarry be placed by derricks into position at the dam. Twin… Continue reading The Compressors

The Bastion

Wachusett Dam & Reservoir beforetherewasadam.com The Bastion If you have driven past the Wachusett Dam lately you may have noticed substantial construction work in progress across the valley from the entrance gate on Boylston Street. The Owner of the property, the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA), has found it necessary to effect repairs to the… Continue reading The Bastion